Chicago Area Ski Resorts: Raging Buffalo Snowboard Park

raging buffalo snowboard

Raging Buffalo Snowboard & Ski Park
Address: 19-265 Western Ave, Algonquin IL 60102
Phone: 847-836-7243
Time from Chicago: 55 minutes (43 miles)
Hills: 5 trails, some as high as 150 feet

Skiing at Raging Buffalo Snowboard & Ski Park

Looking for some awesome snowboarding near Chicago? Raging Buffalo started as a snowboarders-only haven back in 1993 and remains perhaps the top snowboarding spot in the Windy City area.

The site boasts that it has two rope tows, half pipes, kickers, table tops, staircase and a magic carpet on a beginner hill. Raging Buffalo changes the terrain regularly to keep boarders interested and constantly present new challenges.

There’s also a “Riglet Park” exclusively for kids 11 years and under so kids get some freedom away from the parents. And kids can sign up for “learn to ride” experiences to begin mastering the snowboard.

raging buffalo hill

Now, is skiing allowed at Raging Buffalo? Yes, it is. A few years back, the site changed its policy to permit skiers on the hill. Snowboarders are still everywhere, and the park definitely caters to boarders, but you’re just fine skiing on these trails as well.

As of early 2015, weekday tickets to the park are $32, while weekend all-day passes will set you back $45. Half-day tickets and discount packages are also available. Guests can rent boot and helmet packages. Helmets are mandatory for everyone on the hill, even parents accompanying children. You can rent a helmet here for $9 or less if you don’t have your own.

This is a small ski park compared to some of the others we’ve written about, but it’s also much closer to the city of Chicago, so city-dwellers may decide that they are better off making the short drive (less than an hour) than going all the way to Wisconsin or Michigan.

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